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Acdemy of Music Arc de Triomphe Champs Elysees Windows Concorde Disney Disney Village
Eiffel Eiffel Level 3 Eiffel Lit Up Fine Architecture Jardin de Tulliries Lovre
LV on Champs Elysees Notre Dame Notre Dame Gate RER Scooter Shop Ceiling
Tribute to Mozart at Acdemy of Music Tribute Under Arc de Triomphe Trocedero Trocedero from Eiffel View from Centre Pompidou Village Lafayante
Paris Travel Post
Imagine this: The metro stops… you get off and take the stairs up to the surface… still wondering if you are at the right station… your friend taps your shoulder… you turn to look at her… eyes poping out and the finger is pointing towards the sky… you look upwards... your heart skips a beat… its just like the movies… a magnificent structure made from iron… standing tall on the banks of river Sine. Read more…

Paris Travel Post

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