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Restaurant, Pella, Jordan
Restaurant, Pella, Jordan

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Restaurant, Pella, Jordan Jordan Valley, Pella, Jordan Typical Window, Pella, Jordan Ancient Residential Quarters, Pella, Jordan Cave Home, Pella, Jordan Cathedral, Pella, Jordan
Umm Qays, Jordan Residential Quarters, Umm Qays, Jordan Ruins, Umm Qays, Jordan Church, Umm Qays, Jordan Golan Heights, Umm Qays, Jordan Intricate Carvings, Umm Qays, Jordan
Pillar, Umm Qays, Jordan Colonnaded Steet, Umm Qays, Jordan Bascilica, Umm Qays, Jordan Bascilica, Umm Qays, Jordan Terrace, Umm Qays, Jordan Family Picnic, Umm Qays, Jordan
Pella & Umm Qays Travel Post
Contrary to popular belief, Alexander the Great was not born in Pella. The city was renamed perhaps in honour of the Great Warrior. Located 130 kms north of Amman, Pella is extremely rich in antiquities, some of which are exceedingly old. Read more…

Pella & Umm Qays Travel Post

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